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Our #1 priority is you, our customer. We believe in our services and our quality of them. We truly care about each and every organization as much as you do. Our team is highly talented, skilled, senior, and not a commodity service like other INFOSEC consulting companies.

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“When I started TrustedSec, it was about changing the security industry for the better. Our team is assembled from my personal friends from all over the country and individuals that I trust and respect. We focus on making things better and working with our customers. It isn’t just about performing an assessment for us, it’s about changing the industry for the better.”

– Message from David Kennedy, Founder and CEO of TrustedSec.

Technical Security Assessments:

Our team is capable of performing highly skilled red teaming and penetration testing exercises. The difference is that we work with you during the assessment in order to help best detect and defend after the assessment is over.

Governance Risk and Compliance Assessments:

TrustedSec can handle any aspect of your GRC needs. TrustedSec is a certified assessor for the PCI Council (QSA) and can issue Report on Compliance (ROC) for your organization and to your acquirers. Our team also has a vast array of knowledge around security program building, certified in ISO 27001(2), PCI ASV scanning, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, and other regulatory requirements. Also having the ability to perform a full scope risk assessment allows us to determine where your current security program is and where you need to go.

Those Are Just A Few of Our Capabilities; There Are Many More:

  • External Penetration Testing

  • Internal Penetration Testing

  • Wireless Penetration Testing

  • Social-Engineering

  • Physical Penetration Testing

  • Red Team Exercises

  • Application Security Reviews

  • Grey Box Application Security Review

  • White Box Application Security Review

  • Black Box Application Security Review

  • Secure Coding Practices Training

  • Wireless Security Review

  • Zero-Day Research

  • Architecture Review

  • Incident Response Assistance

  • Forensics Analysis

  • Database Security

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • PCI Gap Analysis

  • PCI-QSA Assessment (PCI ROC)

  • PCI ASV Scanning

  • Risk Assessments

  • Security Program Maturity Review

  • HIPAA Review

  • SOX Review

  • ISO 27001 Review

  • And Much Much More!

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The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) created by TrustedSec

SET was created by TrustedSec as an open-source method for testing your technical security controls from social-engineering. We believe that our contributions to the open source community continues to better our defenses as well as spread the word on how to best protect an organization.

Join our mission to make INFOSEC better as a customer and as a partner.

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