Third Ashley Madison Dump Released

The hackers behind the Ashley Madison dump – “Impact Team” have released a new dump apparently fixing the zip file issue from the CEO’s emails from the 2nd dump release. TrustedSec is currently validating the zip and will update here shortly. It appears to be emails from the CEO as well as possibly other emails from the organization.

Update 8/22/15 10:43AM ET: Update from Doug Hiwiller at TrustedSec

The torrent seems to have stalled at 93.22% for most peers (no seeders).

There’s enough of the file to repair and extract a large percentage.

The filename in the archive is:

noel.biderman@avidlifemedia.com_[Gmail]_All Mail.mbox

The extracted size is about 30GB.

First pass shows that it’s a gmail archive mbox file. (all From BACKUPDAEMON).
Ranging from July 7 2015 back to Jan 10, 2012

Looks like about 200k total emails
From 6800 unique senders
To 3600 unique recipients
There are various mime attachments.

This will be the extent of our analysis as we do not plan on reviewing any emails, or anything relating to the dump that is around an individuals personal account. The information is public, and out there.

David Kennedy

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