The PenTesters Framework (PTF) v1.8 “Tool Depot” Released

TrustedSec is proud to release the PenTesters Framework (PTF) v1.8 codename “Tool Depot” for public release. This version has a number of enhancements including a total of a 140 security testing tools available through the framework. One of the most notable is the recoding of the Metasploit installation from a custom git handler to the Metasploit nightly updates which supports multiple operating system and platforms.

Full changelog below:

version 1.8

* added samba-client to ridenum as prereq
* added poshc2 (PR)
* added title for cmd shell (PR)
* added fimap (PR)
* changed install path from hardcoded to {INSTALL_LOCATION} in fimap
* added title setting for terminal window (awesome PR thnx!)
* switched to metasploit nightly installer vs. git direct pull (love you egyp7)
* added full python3 compatibility and tested

To download ptf, visit: PTF

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