FBI strengthens crackdown on darknet drug dealing, Featuring Alex Hamerstone – FoxNews.com

The only place to buy illegal drugs used to be on street corners, or through a local dealer. Police and undercover agents would set up sting operations, or force buyers to turn in their local dealer. Now, the drug dealing business has moved online – prompting law enforcement officials to navigate the dark web to crack down on drug traffickers.

The dark web, which can be found on a type of network called a darknet, is available through specialized software and specialized browsers, Alex Hamerstone, who works for a private IT security consulting company called TrustedSec, told Fox News.

For those seeking the drugs, Hamerstone says it can be easier to search the dark web than having a dealer meet them in person.

“It’s not that complicated to get on there but you have to be looking for it,” Hamerstone said.

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Author: TrustedSec

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