Webinar: Container Security & Compliance

Please note that this webinar was recorded on May 15, 2019.

A growing trend.

Using containers has been an increasing trend over the years as most companies are leveraging services to streamline their development needs. As this trend grows, many security professionals struggle to effectively layer the organization’s compliance obligations into these environments.

…with growing challenges.

The simple goal is to be able to have applications run anywhere on any machine.  Yet whether it be from regulations (FFIEC, HIPAA, GDPR), to standards (NIST, CIS) or other contractual obligations (PCI, SSAE 18, ISO), several controls need to be implemented and monitored for the appropriate security levels. When you factor in various development methodologies (DevOps, CI/CD), technologies (Containers/Serverless) and different application management (Private, Public, Community, Hybrid) it can turn very complicated, very quickly.

Make sure your business cloud doesn’t turn into a brain fog.

Security and Compliance with containers is complicated by competing priorities and conflicting opinions/claims that can distract or even paralyze an enterprise from meeting mandated action.  During this webinar, we will explore the various activities needed to be done in order to implement good security practices and appropriate oversight to ensure compliant environments, including:

  • A background on container technologies (Docker/Kubernetes) and the ecosystem.
  • Discussing the impact of using different processes (DevOps, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery).
  • Implementing hardening, isolation, and segmentation controls.
  • Reviewing how to automate and effectively monitoring your compliance status in the cloud.
  • Secrets Management and Logging considerations

Join us as we will be reviewing the requirements to meet secure container best practices for today and the future.


Author: TrustedSec

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