Who is TrustedSec?

We are TrustedSec, a security consulting team that combines high-level talent and advanced tools to help our partners achieve their security objectives. Organized by practice areas and specialty teams, we empower organizations to mature their security programs effectively with impactful recommendations.

Our human-driven approach to security is supported by leading technologies developed by our research and innovation team to simulate threat actor behavior and emulate the latest threats. Integrating technical expertise with real-world experience allows us to provide practical analysis and design a path forward for our partners. To support the entire lifecycle of a security program, we also help remediate vulnerabilities and assist in the timely recovery from breaches.

At TrustedSec, we share our passion for cybersecurity so that together we can all make the world a safer place.


A Focus on Research

Threat actors constantly innovate to evade detections. One tool in TrustedSec’s arsenal to match this is the TrustedSec Research Unit (TRU). TrustedSec employs a dedicated team of non-billable resources that are constantly researching and developing tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that enables our team to be successful during simulations of advanced threats. TRU is a team made up of highly skilled developers and practitioners who have deep understanding of modern defenses and attack techniques.  

This team works alongside our consultants during engagements to build new capabilities and techniques in the TrustedSec lab. It is common for the team to step in and help develop a privilege escalation exploit or build a workaround for a security product that typically only advance nation-states or hacking groups would know.