Critical Outlook Vulnerability: In-Depth Technical Analysis and Recommendations (CVE-2023-23397)

March 17, 2023
Threat Overview Earlier this week, Microsoft released a patch for Outlook vulnerability CVE-2023-23397, which has been actively exploited for almost an entire year. This exploit has caught the attention of a hacking group linked to Russian military intelligence that is using it to target European organizations. CVE-2023-23397 allows threat actors to steal NTLM credentials of...

Shells in Plain Sight – Storing Payloads in the Cloud

March 16, 2023
THIS POST WAS WRITTEN BY @NYXGEEK I stumbled upon an old side project the other day — it was a tool to get payloads through web content filters by hiding PowerShell in images on public sites. For example, this tweet from 2018 contains a bind shell encoded in the image, hosted by Twitter. While I don’t...

Red vs. Blue: Kerberos Ticket Times, Checksums, and You!

March 14, 2023
This blog post was co-authored with Charlie Clark of Semperis. 1    Introduction At SANS Pen Test HackFest 2022, Charlie Clark (@exploitph) and I presented our talk ‘I’ve Got a Golden Twinkle in My Eye‘ whereby we built and demonstrated two tools that assist with more accurate detection of forged tickets being used. Although we demonstrated...

Changes in the Beacon Object File Landscape

March 9, 2023
Time flies when you’re having fun! Can you believe it has been over two (2) years since the release of beacon object files (BOFs)? BOFs were released June 25, 2020, according to the release notes for Cobalt Strike. At that time, I wrote about what made BOFs special in terms of Cobalt Strike, as well...

Getting Analysis Practice from Windows Event Log Sample Attacks

March 7, 2023
Throughout my career as an Incident Responder, one of the most invaluable skillsets I have had to draw on has been analysis of Windows event logs. These event logs are an invaluable source of information to forensic practitioners, as they are crucial in determining the cause of events during computer security incidents. Windows event logs...
RPC Programming for the Aspiring Windows Developer

RPC Programming for the Aspiring Windows Developer

March 2, 2023
As EDR/AV solutions have evolved, attackers, be they malicious or hired testers, need to improve their techniques by exploring new avenues of accomplishing common tasks. These methods evolve over time and sometimes even cycles as techniques become highly detected, then dropped, and later rediscovered. Over a series of posts, we are going to investigate mixing...
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