Attacks on the Rise Through Office 365

September 17, 2019
Office 365 is the most popular line of digital services for businesses for a reason, but when it comes to cyberattacks, its ubiquity is creating challenges. If it seems like every week there’s a new headline about a large-scale hacking incident, it’s not a case of rampant fake news. According to the 2018 Symantec Internet Security...
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Invoice Fraud is Soaring – What you need to know

April 23, 2019
Organizations are losing thousands—and sometimes millions—of dollars from invoice fraud, which is also known as Business Email Compromise (BEC). At TrustedSec, we have seen a marked uptick in panicked, embarrassed, and/or angry folks reaching out to us for Incident Response and forensics work following a scam. Sometimes, organizations are able to recover some or all...
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Top Six Security and Risk Management Questions

March 12, 2019
Recently, Gartner put out a report on the top 10 inquiries regarding security projects. The report is based on their analysis of over 10,200 client interactions covering relevant security and risk management topics from July 2018 through January 2019 (see the research here). Interestingly enough, Trustedsec has heard similar inquiries regarding product offerings in discussions...
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Few cons to bringing in the pros: Why should you have a third-party risk and security assessment?

January 10, 2019
At TrustedSec, we get about 400-500 inquiries for security assessments every year.  Some of the questions we still hear quite often are: Why does our company need to do a risk and security assessment? Why can’t we just do it ourselves? We already know we’re terrible—why do we need you to tell us that? There...
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Highlights from the NIST Cybersecurity Risk Management Conference

November 20, 2018
NIST hosted a CyberSecurity Risk Management Conference from November 8th through the 10th.  The event was expanded and improved from previous NIST workshops, which were more government focused. Thus for this conference, they wanted the same spirit of gaining stakeholder input on the frameworks and general cybersecurity areas, but with a much greater attendance and...
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Top 8 To-Dos for IoT Security

August 1, 2018
Let’s say you run an operational environment and you’ve spent years figuring out how to keep your production processes and core, life-enabling systems running at high efficiency and efficacy. But now, your IT group wants to connect your production and control systems to outside networks as part of new “IoT” (Internet of Things) initiatives. You...
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