g_CiOptions in a Virtualized World

May 2, 2022
With the leaking of code signing certificates and exploits for vulnerable drivers becoming common occurrences, adversaries are adopting the kernel as their new playground. And with Microsoft making technologies like Virtualization Based Security (VBS) and Hypervisor Code Integrity (HVCI) available, I wanted to take some time to understand just how vulnerable endpoints are when faced...

Making SMB Accessible with NTLMquic

April 5, 2022
This week, I dusted off my reading list and saw that I’d previously bookmarked an interesting article about the introduction of SMB over QUIC. The article from Microsoft showed that Windows was including support for SMB to be used over the QUIC protocol, which should immediately spark interest for anyone who includes SMB attacks as...

Object Overloading: A Novel Approach to Sneaking Malicious DLLs into Windows Processes

February 8, 2022
Using an OS binary to carry out our bidding has been a tactic employed by Red Teamers for years. This eventually led to us coining the term LOLBIN. This tactic is typically used as a way of flying under the radar of EDR solutions or to bypass application whitelisting by surrounding our code in the...

Azure Application Proxy C2

April 21, 2021
With the ever-tightening defensive grip on techniques like domain fronting and detections becoming more effective at identifying common command and control (C2) traffic patterns, our ability to adapt to different egress methods is being tested. Of course, finding methods of pushing out C2 traffic can be a fun exercise during a Red Team engagement. A...

Tailoring Cobalt Strike on Target

January 28, 2021
We’ve all been there: you’ve completed your initial recon, sent in your emails to gather those leaked HTTP headers, spent an age configuring your malleable profile to be just right, set up your CDNs, and spun up your redirectors. Then it’s time, you send in your email aaaaaand…nothing. You can see from your DNS diagnostic...

MacOS Injection via Third-Party Frameworks

September 21, 2020
Since joining the TrustedSec AETR team, I have been spending a bit of time looking at tradecraft for MacOS environments, which, unfortunately for us attackers, are getting tougher to attack compared to their Windows peers. With privacy protection, sandboxing, and endless entitlement dependencies, operating via an implant on a MacOS-powered device can be a minefield....
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