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TeamFiltration V3.5.0 – Improve All the Things!

February 7, 2023
TeamFiltration was publicly released during the DefCON30 talk, “Taking a Dump In The Cloud”. Before the public release, TeamFiltration was an internal tool for TrustedSec’s offensive security operations, which was shared internally back in January 2021. In short terms, TeamFiltration is a cross-platform framework for enumerating, spraying, exfiltrating, and backdooring Office 365 Azure AD accounts....

Front, Validate, and Redirect

February 16, 2021
In the age of threat hunting, automated mass scanning, and the occasionally curious SOC, properly securing your command and control (C2) infrastructure is key to any engagement. While many setups today include a CDN Domain Front with a custom Nginx or Apache ruleset sprinkled on top, I wanted to share my recipe for success. Fully...
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