The Backup Paradigm Shift: Moving Toward Attack Response Systems

June 15, 2021
Black Hawk Down I’m guessing a lot of us in the IT and Security space have experienced the gut wrenching feeling of not receiving that ICMP ping reply you were expecting from a production system, be it a firewall, switch, or server. Was there a recent configuration change that happened prior to the last reboot?...

Using Effectiveness Assessments to Identify Quick Wins

June 23, 2020
An organization’s overall security posture can be viewed from multiple different angles, such as technical assessments, program assessments, controls assessments, and risk assessments. A number of different frameworks for each of these assessment types exist, intended to help both technical teams as well as leadership organize security program building activities. Some of these include: Penetration...

Crossover Sec: Breaking Down the Silos

March 24, 2020
People who know me well, or who saw the Derbycon 6 talk I gave with Adam Hogan, “Adaptation of the Security Sub-Culture,” know of my non-InfoSec hobby and history of playing in loud bands that recorded and toured across the U.S. and Canada, mostly in the 90s. It was music in the 80s that had...
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Preparing for (IoT) Segmentation: Six Steps to Get Your Functional Requirements Right

July 12, 2018
Recently, a client of ours expressed interest in segmenting their existing, flat network. The existence of these types of non-segmented networks is still very prevalent, especially in the manufacturing, supply chain, and medical verticals. The primary reason the organization wished to move on this initiative was in an effort to reduce the scope of their...
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How to Leverage Threat and Attack Intelligence in your Risk Assessments

May 17, 2018
Risk assessments methodologies in general are built before much of the information we have today was available.  Thus, we need to take advantage of the latest advances in threat intelligence and attack intelligence to make security risk assessments more valuable and aligned with real-life.  “What the hell do you know about TCAP?” Based on my...
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Ensuring Risk Assessments have a (Business) Impact

May 15, 2018
Risk is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit, and like its distant cousin “pentest”, it has a tendency to be used to describe many very different things. There are many “standard” Risk formulas out in the world today that typically include some combination of the terms Asset, Threat and Vulnerability.  Some of...
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