Injecting Rogue DNS Records Using DHCP

February 2, 2021
During an Internal Penetration Test or Adversarial Attack Simulation (Red Team), TrustedSec will deploy a rogue, Linux-based networking device onto a client’s network. These devices will sometimes obtain an IP address via DHCP and establish an outbound connection wherein we can perform our testing. Every client network is different, but we have noticed that a...

Azure Account Hijacking using mimikatz’s lsadump::setntlm

September 23, 2020
Not long ago, I was on an engagement where the client made use of a hybrid Office 365 environment. In their setup, authentication credentials were managed by the on-premises Active Directory (AD) Domain Controller and then synced to Azure AD via Azure AD Connect. We were tasked with gaining access to sensitive customer information. And...

Upgrade Your Workflow, Part 2: Building Phishing Checklists

March 19, 2020
Continuing on the idea of creating checklists, (see previous blog about OSINT checklists), I wanted to share my personal phishing checklist. This list is what I use to make sure I have covered all my bases before firing the email. Some of these items may or may not be used, depending on your pretext. TLDR:...

Upgrade Your Workflow, Part 1: Building OSINT Checklists

March 17, 2020
With so many new cool techniques and tools being released every day, I’ve caught myself going down rabbit holes or chasing false leads during engagements. Sometimes I’ll get so bogged down with tunnel-vision that I make OpSec mistakes or delay an entire testing objective. At best, this could result in my attacks being discovered, resulting...
hans tracing cover image

Tracing DNS Queries on Your Windows DNS Server

July 16, 2019
During a recent engagement, I successfully deployed a wildcard Domain Name System (DNS) record in conjunction with Responder. Within minutes, a misconfigured host made a query for a non-existent DNS record and was poisoned into connecting to our Responder instance. Unfortunately, the account was privileged enough that domain compromise was achieved. The techniques and tools...
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Enumerating Anti-Sandboxing Techniques

June 19, 2018
Fighting/writing malware is very much a cat and mouse game. One of several techniques used by Anti-Virus/EDR solutions is to detonate payloads in a sandbox and watch what happens. To combat this, malware writers (and pentesters) have been including checks in their payloads to identify when running in a sandbox to evade detection. However, these...
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