Weaponizing Group Policy Objects Access

September 17, 2020
Recently, I was on an engagement where I discovered I had plaintext credentials to an account that could modify Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPOs). This proved to be a fun challenge, as Group Policy files and properties can be bent to our will even when hacking through a straw (SOCKS only, in this case)....

Thycotic Secret Server: Offline Decryption Methodology

July 28, 2020
On offensive engagements, we frequently encounter centralized internal password managers that are used by various departments to store incredibly sensitive account information, such as Domain Admin accounts, API keys, credit card data, the works. It used to be that these systems were implemented without multi-factor authentication. “Hacking” them was as simple as finding somebody that...

Automating a RedELK Deployment Using Ansible

May 28, 2020
As the red team infrastructure needs continue to expand (and grow more complicated), so does the need for infrastructure automation. Red teams are adopting DevOps to improve the speed at which their infrastructure is deployed, hence the rise in usage of tools such as Terraform and Ansible for red teams. In this post, we will...

Generating SSH Config Files with Ansible

April 14, 2020
If you like to stand up infrastructure in the cloud using Ansible (like we do), one of the pain points can be getting the new instance IP addresses configured in an SSH config file for easy connecting. This used to be a manual process, but generating these files as part of your playbook is straightforward...

Red Team Engagement Guide: How an Organization Should React

December 5, 2019
A lengthy Red Team engagement is coming. What should the defense do if they catch the offense? Reimage systems? Notify and allow? What is the course of action that allows the engagement to proceed and deliver maximum value to the organization? These can be difficult questions to answer, but ones that companies procuring these tests...
Discovering Oracle blog graphic

W32.Coozie: Discovering Oracle CVE-2018-3253

October 17, 2018
NOTE: On October 17th, 2018 Oracle released a patch for this vulnerability as several others: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/security-advisory/cpuoct2018-4428296.html There are times when finding a 0day in a major-branded product like Oracle takes months of research, and there are times when it just jumps off the screen and you think to yourself, ‘There’s no possible way that is...
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