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August 20, 2015

Second - Larger - Ashley Madison Dump Released

Written by David Kennedy, Martin Bos and Justin Elze
A second - larger dump containing multiple files roughly around 19gigs was just released on TOP of the original dump two days ago with the Ashley Madison hack. It looks like it was in response to Avid Life (owner of Ashley Madison) response that the dump was not legitimate and fake. The Impact Team hackers posted their message to the CEO of Avid - Noel Biderman letting him and everyone know that the dump is legitimate and that there's no question about it now. The dump appears to contain all of the CEO - Noel's business/corporate emails, source code for all of their websites, mobile applications, and more. Note that we do not plan on performing analysis on the actual files due to the sensitivity of the dump however, it does appear to be legitimate like the other dump. Interesting enough - if this turns out to be legitimate which it in all aspects appears to be - having full source code to these websites means that other hacker groups now have the ability to find new flaws in Avid Life's websites, and further compromise them more. If there was any question to the validity of the data before - those should be removed now. Thanks to the TrustedSec team - Justin Elze, Martin Bos, and Dave Kennedy.