Alex Hamerstone explains what it means to clear your “Facebook history” on morning dose

May 04, 2018 | By:

Following Facebook’s personal data privacy scandal, the social networking company announced a new initiative to allow users the ability to wipe their records from the site. Alex Hamerstone went on morning dose to provide some insight into what that will look like for users.

New GDPR Privacy Messages – Alex Hamerstone on morning dose

May 02, 2018 | By:

Have you seen the new privacy language Facebook has rolled out due to GDPR changes? Our GRC practice lead, Alex Hamerstone, breaks down why US users may benefit from European regulation.

David Kennedy Answers If Facebook’s Value Will Diminish on ‘After The Bell’

April 13, 2018 | By:

Dave Kennedy was called on to provide expert analysis on the first day of Mark Zuckerber’s most recent Congressional Hearings. In a limited timeframe in between sessions, Dave provides his opinion on whether the value of Facebook will diminish due to this increased scrutiny.

Will Facebook’s Business Model Change? TrustedSec CEO David Kennedy on WGN9

April 12, 2018 | By:

With Mark Zuckerberg’s recent appearance in front of Congress, many people want to know what effects or changes may happen to the platform. As a cybersecurity expert, David Kennedy is able to provide some insight into what this means for the changing world of gathering personal data.

TrustedSec’s Alex Hamerstone featured in WKYC investigative report

April 06, 2018 | By:

Following recent data breaches at companies such as Equifax and Panera, WKYC Consumer Investigator Danielle Serino called in TrustedSec GRC practice lead Alex Hamerstone to get insight and tips on how consumers can protect themselves. Watch the clip here.  

TrustedSec a featured commentator on Fox Business

March 29, 2018 | By:

Facebook’s ongoing struggle with maintaining user data privacy was the topic of discussion on a recent Fox Business segment, “The Business of Cybersecurity.” TrustedSec’s GRC Practice Lead Alex Hamerstone was asked to provide background and analysis on Facebook’s new privacy standards and dashboards.

Dave Kennedy featured in WIRED

March 28, 2018 | By:

Hacker Guccifer 2.0’s identity was recently determined after making one seemingly small mistake. TrustedSec founder, Dave Kennedy, contributed to the article detailing how even elite hackers are prone to human mistakes. Read more here.  

FBI strengthens crackdown on darknet drug dealing, Featuring Alex Hamerstone –

February 01, 2018 | By:

The only place to buy illegal drugs used to be on street corners, or through a local dealer. Police and undercover agents would set up sting operations, or force buyers to turn in their local dealer. Now, the drug dealing business has moved online – prompting law enforcement officials to navigate the dark web to crack…

Very high level of confidence’ Russia used Kaspersky software for devastating NSA leaks, Featuring David Kennedy – Yahoo Finance

January 15, 2018 | By:

Three months after U.S. officials asserted that Russian intelligence used popular antivirus company Kaspersky to steal U.S. classified information, there are indications that the alleged espionage is related to a public campaign of highly damaging NSA leaks by a mysterious group called the Shadow Brokers. “That’s a Russian intelligence operation,” a former senior intelligence official,…

Local cybersecurity company warns of flaws in the phone, tablet, computer you’re using right now, Featuring Alex Hamerstone -News 5 Cleveland

January 08, 2018 | By:

There’s a good chance the phone, tablet or computer you use has a computer chip flaw that’s opening you up to hackers. The recent announcement of more than a billion devices being susceptible sent 5 On Your Side Investigators into action. We tracked down a company in our backyard designed to help stop the bad…