Need a security expert for your next story?

Get insight from one of TrustedSec’s cybersecurity experts.

TrustedSec team members have served as featured contributors in a number of cybersecurity and data privacy stories. Whether on broadcast TV, video, radio or print, our experts can provide valuable inside industry information. We’re able to offer the most current views because we practice our trade in real-world settings with years of diverse experience.

The TrustedSec team has been featured in outlets such as CNBC, CNN, Fox Business News, MSNBC, WIRED magazine, The Katie Couric Show, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance,, local syndicated news and more. You can find examples of our past speaking engagements on our In The News page.

TrustedSec’s areas of expertise include:

  • Data Breaches
  • Data Privacy
  • Nation-State Hacking
  • Cybersecurity Regulation
  • Social Media
  • The Dark Web
  • Software/Hardware Flaws
  • Digital Spying
  • Penetration Testing

Media Experience