Ensuring Ransomware Resilience

Date: August 17, 2022

Ransomware Has Truly Changed the Paradigm.

Ransomware has been the top issue facing organizations since 2020. The monetary losses have been unlike anything we’ve seen in both organizational cost and industry scale. In fact, the costs are so high that many companies are being dropped from their insurance providers.

It’s stressing people out!

Because ransomware touches so many areas including not just security but risk decisions, legal, third parties, and executive communications, the controls needed to withstand a ransomware attack can be overwhelming. This is especially true for organizations that lack the requisite resources and money. The goal of the webinar is to put you in a defensible position in critical areas such as:

  • Incident Response
  • Network and Backup Architecture
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Threat Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Crisis Management

CISO’s Think They’re Prepared. But Often, No.

In this insightful and interactive discussion, you’ll hear cyber security experts Steph Saunders and Paul Sems discuss the relevant components of how you should prepare, handle, communicate, and ultimately respond to threats when you face the inevitable attack.