Date: April 18, 2020
Location: Virtual

CEO David Kennedy is presenting his talk “Developing Adversary Capabilities” for InfoSecOASIS on Saturday, April 18, 2020! This event is FREE and 100% virtual.

Red teaming is often confusing with a number of other terminologies and misunderstood. Understanding organizations threat models and building capabilities to simulate adversaries’ capabilities is a critical step in maturity around an information security program. This talk will dive into building out a red team, how it can take your security program to new levels, but also show how tooling and capabilities are equally as important. We’ll go through some live demonstrations in taking adversary attack methods and tooling and modifying them to circumvent detection capabilities today. In the demonstrations, we’ll take some commodity attacks, rewrite them live to the audience and show how we can circumvent detection methods and gain access to systems. The intent isn’t to own everything, but to improve an organization’s capability to respond to an attack.

InfoSecOASIS is a free, online information security conference created as a space to participate in the social aspects of conferences, all while respecting the guidelines for social distancing. InfoSecOASIS’s goal was to improve sharing information by providing virtual spaces for people to socialize with each other. Come join us on April 18 for an all-day information-security event. While VR is highly recommended, it is not required to use AltspaceVR (platform of choice).