2022 Major Conference Roundup: Identifying Trends for 2023

Date: January 19, 2023

Couldn’t attend a conference last year? Or looking for some perspective on some of the conferences you missed? No worries. TrustedSec has you covered!

Perspectives from Def Con, RSA, Black Hat, Gartner, and more!

Because the last few years made it so tricky to put on a conference, TrustedSec made up for lost time and attended and spoke at many in the past year, both international and local. We gained insights from grassroots technical research, forecasts from research companies, and even world-changing security events that had major news channels turning to TrustedSec for insight.

What can you ignore for 2023, and what should you pay attention to?

We all feel some degree of information overload. When it comes to conferences, that overwhelm goes on steroids! It’s challenging to know where to focus your energy today and tomorrow, and where you can wait a year or two (or three) before shifting your strategy. From pen testers to CISOs, we’ll provide cutting-edge commentary on what’s coming across the security landscape.

Get the Cliffs Notes, summarized and interpreted.

Join TrustedSec panelists David Kennedy, Founder & Chief Hacking Officer; Alex Hamerstone, Advisory Solutions Director; and Nick Doerner, Penetration Testing Security Consultant, for summaries and perspectives on what people were talking about in 2022 and what’s yet to come in 2023!