Advancing Office 365 Security: Troubleshooting Conditional Access Policies and Gaining Insights into Azure AD

Date: August 05, 2020

Going Deeper

Building on our previous webinar, Office 365 Security: What You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know, our upcoming webinar will drill into next-level functionality as you continue to build security into your Office 365 operational plan. 

It’s Surprisingly Easy to Shoot Yourself in the Foot!

Building Conditional Access Policies for Azure Active Directory (AD) is fraught with complications. The traditional on-premises practices do not necessarily work well with Office 365. With an on-premises environment, the firewall can be controlled and access from bad actors can be blocked directly. With Office 365 and Azure, connection rules take place during and after authentication, so the paradigm is different. TrustedSec will walk through some of the most common errors we see when setting up Conditional Access Policies.

Conditional Access Insights and What if?

With increased automation and more powerful tools, it is not uncommon to make a mistake that could impact an organization’s security or even disable access to all users. Office 365 has two tools that we will walk through:

  • The What if tool allows better understanding of why a policy was or was not applied to a user under a specific set of conditions or whether a policy would make sense.
  • Azure Monitor Workbooks enable quick understanding of who is accessing the environment.

These tools provide the ability to simulate access and evaluate multiple policies while making access control decisions, but they require proper interpretation.

Building Competencies in Conditional Access Policies

The traditional model of perimeter protection is giving way to an identity and information-based strategy, which is focused on secure access and leveraging advanced threat protections. Organizations are increasingly looking at ways to align to zero-trust strategies to better secure their environments, but using Azure AD is challenging in this regard. Cookie-cutter roles begin to faulter and cause unintended consequences without renewed thinking.

Join Remediation and Optimization Managing Director Paul Sems and Security Consultant Phil Rowland who will walk through some of the challenges, options, and the top actions to take today to address conditional access in the quest to improve security posture!