Assumed Breach 101: Planning your next offensive engagement

Date: August 02, 2023

An Assumed Breach Assessment simulates an attacker or malicious insider that has already gained access to the internal network through social engineering, perimeter compromise, physical device theft, or a malicious insider. This test is one of several offerings by TrustedSec to help evaluate and bolster your offensive (Red Team) posture.

Instead of ‘assuming’ what you need, this webinar will outline the different assessments provided by TrustedSec, which are designed to effectively capture your organization’s readiness to successfully detect and respond to an intrusion. Different threats will be covered, and an emphasis will be placed on customized approaches to build resiliency against scenarios such as:

  • Physical theft or loss of an internal device
  • Successful social engineering attack
  • Disgruntled worker/Malicious insider
  • Physical intrusion
  • Network perimeter breach
  • Credential abuse

Join Targeted Operations Practice Lead Jason Lang for this one-hour webinar about planning your next offensive engagement. You’ll gain insight into different assumed-breach specifics and their timeframes, including:

  • SSO Compromise
  • Network Pivot
  • Endpoint Compromise & Pivot
  • Perimeter Compromise
  • DevOps
  • Physical Workstation
  • Physical Breach

Jason will also cover how assumed breach testing is different from defensive services offerings (Penetration Testing) and the value of combining both types of assessments.