Demystifying ISO 27001: From Certification to Integration

Date: June 21, 2023


Many businesses face challenges when it comes to aligning with and gaining certification for ISO 27001. The process can feel overly complex, requiring a deep understanding of security concepts, risk management principles, and a variety of ISO standards documents. Additionally, the cost of implementing and maintaining an ISO 27001-compliant information security management system can be significant. Beyond contractual pressure to certify to the standard, security leaders may encounter challenges in raising awareness of the benefits of ISO 27001 and convincing other leaders to take the risks of cyberattacks and data breaches seriously.

Learn How to Simplify Your Compliance Journey With ISO 27001

This upcoming webinar will provide guidance to anyone facing challenges in aligning with and gaining certification for ISO 27001. Find out how our experts recommend dealing with the complexities of achieving certification and maintaining compliance and learn from their knowledge and experience to help you navigate the process. Join us as we discuss how to address these challenges and gain leadership buy-in for the benefits of ISO 27001 and discover:

  • How ISO 27001 differs from other compliance frameworks
  • The process of aligning with and gaining certification for ISO 27001
  • Ongoing maintenance activities required for ISO 27001 compliance
  • Other ISO 27000 series standards that can support ISO 27001
  • How other compliance frameworks can integrate with ISO 27001

Join Chris Camejo, Compliance Services Practice Lead, and get the knowledge and guidance you need to demystify your compliance journey with ISO 27001. You’ll get insights into how to navigate the complexities of implementation and ongoing maintenance, as well as insights into how ISO 27001 integrates with other compliance requirements. Learn how this globally recognized standard can help your organization demonstrate a mature security program and reduce the hassle of security questionnaires.