Navigating the “Penetration Testing” Landscape

Date: October 05, 2022

One name, many meanings.

Validating the effectiveness of your security controls through penetration testing is a crucial element in constructing a robust security posture. However, performing the wrong level of analysis can be frustrating or even give an organization a false sense of security. With the various types of technical security testing available, the terminology can mean different things to different people.

What options are available?

Many alternatives now exist, including red teams, assumed breach assessments, and even specific tests like cloud penetration tests. Even if, like many companies, you must have a penetration test done for an audit requirement, you can select the test that best suits your security and budgetary needs. Sometimes, one of the technical tests may not even be the right solution for you.

Let’s get this right!

Join renowned Targeted Operations experts Melvin Langvik, Senior Security Consultant, and Jason Lang, Practice Lead, who will discuss the objectives and the pros and cons of the various levels of penetration testing, from an automated vulnerability scan all the way up to a full-on red team assessment.