Resilience in the Middle of the Storm—Preparing Security Teams for Disaster

Date: March 19, 2020

This webinar was recorded on 3/19/20.

As populations are affected by disaster, what can you and your organization do now to mitigate security risk?

Preparing for the worst

For those who aren’t fully prepared, what are the major areas that need to be moved up the priority list? Topics like Risk, Impact, and Continuity have taken priority in this business-critical environment. It is never too late to start—creating or enhancing resiliency plans, even at a late stage in an emergency, will still aid in the recovery and restoration process.

Quick to-dos for a SHTF moment

Stuff is going to hit the fan at some point. Depending on the type and sensitivity of information and the associated risks, there are things you will need to accomplish quickly. Some of them will be difficult, but many will be fairly simple. It’s important to ensure that you are aware of the critical to-dos and the potential actions you can take now.

What to say when your CEO asks about it

As a security professional, you also have to prepare to discuss your current state, your plan of action, and the constraints of executing your plan. Leadership is critical to handling adversity, and this likely is not the first time that security teams have been called upon for ensuring the viability of the company dealing with an event on a global scale.

Gain insights from industry leaders Rockie Brockway and Justin Leapline as they discuss the many aspects of this never-before-seen event that is taxing businesses and security teams in a variety of challenging ways.