Security Lessons Learned from the Global Conflict

Date: December 07, 2022


Throughout history, different sides of a war have been intent on using the latest technology to improve the odds of victory. While current events drag on, there have been several impacts to not only the Russia-Ukraine conflict itself, but also to the security industry as a whole.

Compare What People Thought vs. What Actually Happened.

TrustedSec continues to assess the offensive and defensive cyber-operations strategies emerging from the conflict. While the picture the security world is seeing is generally a few months old, details are surfacing that contradict what researchers expected.

The Pace of Technological Change has Accelerated.

It’s become clear that there is an even faster tempo of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) created, causing some of the typical organizations’ defenses to become outdated. TrustedSec will discuss how these events are impacting:

• Ransomware groups
• Researchers
• Red and Blue Teams
• Corporate incidents
• Defensive strategies
• Insurance protections

Discover Insights From Current Events to Help Your Security Program.

Tune in with TrustedSec leaders who are on the front lines of the research, penetration testing, and Incident Response aspects of the conflict to learn how you can use this knowledge to keep ahead of the latest advances.