Who's winning the Red Vs. Blue Arms Race? TrustedSec webinar

Who’s Winning the Red vs. Blue Team Arms Race

Date: March 08, 2023

When it comes to attackers and organizations that are trying to defend themselves, there’s always an arms race between the two over who can get the upper hand.

An Ebb and Flow

There are times when a particular attack almost always works because of a control not being in place or feasible to enact. For example, before multifactor authentication (MFA), most organizations could easily be breached by password spraying. There were things that could be done to defend against it, but they were complicated, and most organizations couldn’t do them. Now, with MFA generally in place, some major organizations claim that the vast majority of attacks can be thwarted with this one safeguard.

Gotcha!  …Not so fast!

With the state of security constantly evolving (or devolving) over time, this webinar will address questions such as:

  • What’s currently happening in the world of research and offensive capabilities?
  • What tools are actually having an impact?
  • What’s changed based on the maturity of organizations?
  • What are the most prevalent, effective attacks?

Get Ahead in the Game

Join experts Adam Compton—Principal Penetration Testing Consultant, Phil Rowland—Remediation Practice Lead, and Scott Nusbaum—Principal Advanced Research Analyst, as they discuss the past, current, and future of this back and forth between the hackers and the organizations that are trying to deflect, deter, and detect their attacks.