Zero Trust: Navigating Uncharted Water With Confidence

Date: April 26, 2023

As the concept of Zero Trust gains more attention in the Information Security world, it’s crucial to understand that the model is not just about implementing a single product or solution. Rather, it’s a philosophy of access management comprised of multiple controls and technologies that enable a more robust security posture.

During this webinar, we will explore the fundamental concepts of Zero Trust and explain why it is a critical shift in the mindset of protecting an organization’s resources. We’ll also discuss the potential risks of overly restrictive or complex implementations and how to strike a balance that meets your organization’s security goals.

Embracing a new perspective on Zero Trust

The NIST 800-207 framework provides a product-agnostic starting point for organizations to evaluate their Zero Trust capabilities and demystify the hype surrounding it. We’ll guide you through the framework’s key elements and discuss how to tailor it to fit your specific security needs. Learn about:

  • The full background on the concept
  • What is hype and what is worth paying attention to
  • What exactly is needed to implement Zero Trust
  • The most common issues that organizations face
  • If your organization is ready for Zero Trust
  • Where to turn for other resources

Join Maturity Services Practice Lead Jamie Alberts on an informative voyage to gain a deeper understanding of Zero Trust from a product-agnostic perspective. This webinar is aimed at helping compliance professionals navigate the stormy seas of cybersecurity and implement Zero Trust effectively in their organization.