A former NSA hacker breaks down the FireEye hack

December 9, 2020
Power Lunch: Cybersecurity firm FireEye is down more than 12 percent today after it announced a hack of its data and tools. David Kennedy, TrustedSec founder and CEO and former NSA and Marine Corps Hacker, joins ‘Power Lunch’ to discuss...

A Chat With Justin Elze, Director of Innovation, Research, and Advanced Testing at TrustedSec

November 27, 2020
We discuss security, ethical hacking, and what apps a security professional uses in their day-to-day life with Justin Elze.

Covid-19 Apps

November 23, 2020
Alex Hammerstone joins Tommy to talk about a covid-19 app that you have on your phone. Listen to Covid-19 Apps episode now!
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'Up is down, down is up': Trump did Russia's job for it by firing Chris Krebs, and Krebs' removal is the biggest sign of his success

November 19, 2020
“When you remove someone like that, you’re removing direction, guidance, and policy. It takes a long time to make adjustments…” – CEO David Kennedy Article source: ‘Up is down, down is up’: Trump did Russia’s job for it by firing...
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Watch hackers steal personal information from 3News' Danielle Serino and Dave Chudowsky

November 16, 2020
See what thieves are selling on the Dark Web. Managing Director of Remediation Services Paul Sems demonstrates how easily this could happen. Video source: Watch hackers steal personal information from 3News’ Danielle Serino and Dave Chudowsky

Cardless ATMs could be massive payday for criminals

November 12, 2020
GRC Practice Lead Alex Hamerstone shares with Phoenix 3 on your side, how to keep your money safe! “Before you know it, the scammers could clean out your account from cardless ATMs.” – Hamerstone Watch the full news story on...
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Roku users' televisions being held hostage

November 11, 2020
Scammers are tuning into streaming services as popularity rises. Watch Managing Director of Remediation Services Paul Sems comment on what can happen! Video source: Roku users’ televisions being held hostage

What is Doxxing? Why It's Dangerous and How to Avoid It

November 9, 2020
“The one specific piece of technical advice I would give though is: don’t use the same username across multiple platforms. That is how a lot of people get “doxxed”.” – GRC Practice Lead Alex Hamerstone Read the article: What is...

Election 2020 - TrustedSec in the News Pre-Election

November 2, 2020
Ahead of the 2020 Election, members of the TrustedSec team were asked to weigh in on various issues around election security. Here’s how to avoid election misinformation and scams during the 2020 election 2020 Election interest used by scammers to...