Prevent and Treat Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Systems

March 25, 2021
Alex Hamerstone and Justin Vaicaro discuss why healthcare companies are continually targeted. And how they can prepare their employees. Read More

Social Engineering: Hacking Dave To The Rescue

March 22, 2021
If you don’t know Dave Kennedy, then you don’t know social engineering. Or at least how to defeat it. Whois @HackingDave? Read the full profile in Cybercrime Magazine

Peter Tran And Alex Hamerstone's Outlook For Cybersecurity Sector

March 16, 2021
Nicole hosts industry professionals Peter Tran and Alex Hamerstone to discuss their thoughts on the outlook for the cybersecurity sector throughout the rest of 2021. Watch the full story

What to know about the massive Microsoft Exchange breach

March 14, 2021
“…the mass hacking going on here is literally the largest hack I’ve seen in my fifteen years. In this specific case, there was zero rhyme or reason for who [attackers] were hacking…cause as much pandemonium and mayhem as possible.” –...

Hackers Are Targeting Microsoft Exchange Servers With Ransomware

March 12, 2021
It didn’t take long. Intelligence agencies and cybersecurity researchers had been warning that unpatched Exchange Servers could open the pathway for ransomware infections in the wake of swift escalation of the attacks since last week. Now it appears that threat...

Microsoft cyberattack impact lingers as hackers exploit backdoors, analysts say

March 11, 2021
Unfortunately, there are no foolproof solutions to avoid cyberattacks. IR Practice Lead Tyler Hudak shares with S &P Global some best practices that will help organizations prevent more breaches. Read the full story

Florida Hack Exposes Danger to Water Systems

March 10, 2021
“Now, if you want to poison water, you can do it from the comfort of your home.” Alex Hamerstone shares concerns with Pew Trusts as remote work moves utilities to more remote systems. Read the full story

Your state tax refund may take longer to return this year. Here’s why

March 6, 2021
Your state tax refund may take longer to get to you than in years past due to changes in the way those refunds are processed and it has some people unhappy. “This year we have a longer time to file,...

A playbook for modernizing security operations

February 12, 2021
The security community is continously changing, growing and learning from each other to better position the world against cyber threat. CEO Dave Kennedy shares his insights on security operations with the Voice of the Community. Read the full story