Twitter hack raises alarm among government officials, security experts

July 21, 2020
The recent account takeover attack underscores how Twitter and other social platforms have become a critical component of political systems worldwide. “There need to be more protections put into place for these organizations and companies like Twitter…There definitely needs to...

High profile hack leads to Bitcoin scam on Twitter

July 17, 2020
David Kennedy, CEO of TrustedSec joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss the big security breach at Twitter.

Twitter cyberattack was likely 'an internal employee that was compromised, paid': Cybersecurity Expert

July 16, 2020
Alex Hamerstone, Head of risk management at TrustedSec, joins The First Trade with Alexis Christoforous and Brian Sozzi to discuss the recent cyberattack on Twitter that hit high profile accounts like Joe Biden, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Uber, and Apple....

Citrix: Reports of user data being sold on dark web are false

July 15, 2020
Tyler Hudak, practice lead of incident response for cybersecurity consulting firm TrustedSec, said that a situation facing Citrix regarding an alleged hack is fairly common: attackers break into an organization, steal data and attempt to sell it on the dark...

Iran’s nuclear facilities are mysteriously under attack

July 13, 2020
“Although many are asking the question, was this a cyber-attack or physical sabotage, the answer could be ‘both.’ The most likely suspects are the U.S. and Israel working in tandem. Both countries have very sophisticated cyber warfare units and significant capabilities when it...

Mobile bank apps convenient for users, but can be vulnerable to hackers

July 9, 2020
“The criminals have gotten really good at making these look very official, very slick, very well defined,” said Alex Hamerstone of security company TrustedSec. “It might even be a very fun game. But things often times might be simpler, a...

New round of bugs found in Citrix software, but this time a patch is ready

July 7, 2020
Six months ago, a critical vulnerability found in software made by Citrix set off an uncomfortable few weeks for the virtual private networking vendor and the Fortune 500 companies that rely on its products. The new bugs likely won’t have...

Scammers didn't take coronavirus break

May 29, 2020
“I probably would have fallen for this had it not been for them asking for Moneypak gift cards.” -CEO David Kennedy Cards are often a sign of a scam. Unfortunately, scammers have been busy during this pandemic as well. Read...

Contact Tracing Scams

May 28, 2020
GRC Practice Lead Alex Hamerstone joins Tommy to talk about possible scams you could run into when it comes to contact tracing apps. Episode Source: Contact Tracing Scams