Spam Robocallers Up 56 Percent Over Previous Year

April 21, 2021
Advisory Solutions Director Alex Hamerstone shares with KSL TV “It’s almost the point where we can’t even use our phones as phones anymore because 90% of the calls for a lot of us are just these robocalls.” Video Source: Spam...

Online Security

April 19, 2021
Advisory Solutions Director Alex Hamerstone joins Tommy to talk about scams and hacks that you could avoid online. Episode Source: Online Security

Facebook data breach: How to protect your information from hackers on social media

April 10, 2021
It was recently discovered that more than 533 million Facebook accounts could be at risk after a data breach. Facebook said it was old data previously reported in 2019 and that the issue was fixed then. So what can you do...

Experts fear that Biden’s cybersecurity executive order will repeat mistakes of the past

April 8, 2021
Research Practice Lead Carlos Perez spoke with CSO for their news analysis before President Biden was expected to issues an executive order soon in response to the SolarWinds and Exchange Server attacks. Leaked details suggest it might not focus on...

How To Protect Yourself Following Data Leak Of 533 Million Facebook Users

April 7, 2021
Advisory Solutions Director Alex Hamerstone answers questions about worries following previous data breaches. He shares why you should still take precautions so criminals can’t use your information to trick you into sending them money or share more details with KSL...

Here's why you should hang up immediately when Social Security gives you a call

April 2, 2021
Advisory Solutions Director Alex Hamerstone joined KENS 5 to talk about calls that could be suspended, canceled, revoked but it’s likely you’ll get a call saying these things about your Social Security number. Video Source: Here’s why you should hang...

This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-3-26-21: Smart Tires, Safer Taxes, and Dreamy Conversations

March 26, 2021
This week, smart tires that “talk” to brakes, a new Cybersecurity headquarters in the Akron area, and how Russia & China are hooking up in space. You’ll also hear about how to stay safe online when you file your taxes,...

Prevent and Treat Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Systems

March 25, 2021
Alex Hamerstone and Justin Vaicaro discuss why healthcare companies are continually targeted. And how they can prepare their employees. Read More

Social Engineering: Hacking Dave To The Rescue

March 22, 2021
If you don’t know Dave Kennedy, then you don’t know social engineering. Or at least how to defeat it. Whois @HackingDave? Read the full profile in Cybercrime Magazine