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Episode 5.1 | April 8, 2022

Welcome to the Trusted Security Podcast – a podcast dedicated to bringing the latest news on information security and the industry. This episode features the following members: Geoff Walton, Rick Yocum, Rob Simon, and David Boyd.

Show Notes


Title: Hackers Gaining Power of Subpoena Via Fake “Emergency Data Requests”

URL: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2022/03/hackers-gaining-power-of-subpoena-via-fake-emergency-data-requests/

Author: Brian Krebs

Title: Nestlé: Anonymous Didn’t Hack Us, We Leaked Our Own Data

URL: https://gizmodo.com/nestle-denies-anonymous-hack-claims-says-it-leaked-dat-1848691484

Author: Lucas Ropek



Guest: Rob Simon

Subject: Hardware Hacking

Links: https://www.trustedsec.com/blog/hacking-the-my-arcade-contra-pocket-player-part-i/



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About the Show

Welcome to the Trusted Security Podcast—a podcast dedicated to bringing the latest news on Information Security and the industry.

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