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Security Noise - Episode 6.6

Episode VI: Farewell Mr. Mitnick

By Geoff Walton, Skyler Tuter and David Kennedy
August 04, 2023

Episode VI: Farewell Mr. Mitnick

On this episode of Security Noise, we remember the man who changed InfoSec forever—Kevin Mitnick, who recently passed away after a battle with cancer. TrustedSec CEO Dave Kennedy joins in to share some of our favorite stories and memories of Kevin. Security Noise is hosted by Geoff Walton and Producer/Contributor Skyler Tuter.

About this podcast

This episode features Geoff Walton, Skyler Tuter, and David Kennedy

Security Noise, a TrustedSec Podcast, features our cybersecurity experts in conversation about the security topics that interest them the most.