In light of the major changes to workforces and technology, we’ve developed a number of resources to assist organizations that have been forced to change their normal operations and are faced with new security challenges.

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Blogs Posts and Webinars

Securing a Remote Workforce: Top Five Things to Focus on For Everyone

Our CEO David Kennedy gives his top 5 things organizations will need to focus on to ensure #risk is reduced while quickly shifting to a work from home model.


COVID-19 and Preparing for Changing Cybersecurity Risks

A look at the current challenges of moving to a work from home model and how effect-based scenarios are usually most productive when looking at Incident Response or business continuity processes.


Is Zoom’s Lack of End-To-End Encryption a Problem?

Practical tips that you and your teams can do to help prevent damage if your meeting is accessed due to a compromise of the service itself.


Working from Home Tips for Script Kiddies

A few dos and don’ts of working from home for those in technical information security roles.


From the Desk of the CEO: Remote Security Testing vs. On-Site Testing: Understanding the Difference

Understanding how TrustedSec tests and assessment are performed remotely without any hinderance.


Resilience in the Middle of the Storm—Preparing Security Teams for Disaster

Gain insights from our industry leaders as they discuss the many aspects of this never-before-seen event that is taxing businesses and security teams in a variety of challenging ways.


News and Media

ABC 6: Ohio among the top 10 states being targeted with coronavirus scams

“Scammers know when you have a very informative and engaged populous, it’s a good market for them.” -Alex Hamerstone on reasons why thieves are contacting the Buckeye State’s million-plus population.


The Street: 12 Tips for Working From Home

“Any technology can be recorded, so you should always assume that it is and act accordingly.” -GRC Practice Lead Alex Hamerstone


Yahoo Finance: Hospitals face new cyberthreats during coronavirus crisis

“The first thing you have to remember is you’re dealing with criminals…You can’t trust their word to begin with.”
– Incident Response Practice Lead Tyler Hudak


Tessian: Advice from Security Leaders for Security Leaders: How to Navigate New Remote-Working Challenges

As a part of our ongoing efforts to help security professionals around the world manage their new remote workforces, we’ve been holding virtual panel discussions and roundtables with ethical hackers and security and compliance leaders from some of the world’s leading institutions to discuss cybersecurity best practice while working from home.


CNN: Working from home- Expectation vs. Reality

CNN logo

WFH is looking different than many expected. David Kennedy is featured as CNN’s Richard Quest explores how CEOs are running global firms from their study, how to keep the hackers from worming into WFH computers.


Cheddar: How to Protect Yourself from ‘Zoom-Bombing’

Alex Hamerstone, GRC Practice Lead at TrustedSec, explains why you might experience lags while working from home and shares how to protect yourself from hackers hijacking Zoom conferences.


USA Today: How government access to your smartphone’s location data could help

“This sharing may help provide relief during the spreading coronavirus crisis.” Read what GRC Practice Lead, Alex Hamerstone has to say about this evolving situation.


Reader’s Digest: Watch Out! Scammers Are Using the Coronavirus to Steal Your Information

Whenever there’s a crisis, there are people who try to help. There are also some who attempt to take advantage of the situation by creating scams. Here are the ones you need to watch out for.