Active Directory can be both complex and expensive to secure properly. An Active Directory Security Review evaluates the effectiveness of core security controls used by the people, processes, and technology in the management of security within Active Directory.

This review will give your organization a trusted third-party validation of the settings, management, and assessment of areas that can have significant impact if not deployed in accordance with leading best practices. An Active Directory Security Review supports maturity-based improvement and risk-based decision making, as well as industry benchmarking, for more holistic, prioritized recommendations.

Critical security indicator effectiveness

TrustedSec will illuminate misconfigurations of domains, user accounts, computer accounts, operating systems, administrator groups, and password strength.

TrustedSec will also review and advise on the risks of core security indicators, including:

  • Stale object rules
  • Privileged account issues
  • Trust configuration
  • Anomalies

Benefits of an active directory security review

TrustedSec understands attacker methods and how they apply to the environment to help identify areas of concern and mitigate them. By combining learnings from red and blue teams, and its renowned research team, TrustedSec’s Active Directory Security Review can:

  • Discover what may be unknown in your organization
  • Evaluate the security level for Active Directory
  • Assist in ensuring that recommendations can be applied correctly
  • Provide insights into the best use of budget
  • Support the needs of both security operations and management