TrustedSec utilizes an intelligence-driven, threat-focused approach to study intrusions from an adversary’s perspective.

TrustedSec is able to make a comprehensive evaluation of defense technologies, processes, and policies against a common enterprise adversary model. Reviewing tools in reference to post-compromise techniques brings greater awareness of what actions may be visible during a network intrusion. This completeness of assessment equates to resiliency, which is the defender’s primary goal when faced with persistent and continuously adapting adversaries.

Benefits of an MITRE ATT&CK™ Path Coverage Review:

  • Determine tool coverage and holes in defense strategies
  • Provide alternatives showing overlap in defense strategies whereby tools can be reduced or eliminated, saving money and effort as technology evolves
  • Align monitoring and detection capabilities so the organization is focused on the appropriate areas of the network
  • Increase resiliency as adversaries continually adapt their operations over time
  • Connect countermeasures, weaknesses, and adversaries for a fuller picture

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