Do business and be safe while in the cloud

TrustedSec ensures that Cloud services are being deployed and utilized in accordance with, and in adherence to, leading best practices, minimizing the exposure of information systems to loss or degradation of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

TrustedSec’s Cloud Security Assessments are a comprehensive portfolio of the complete lifecycle of a production implementation, from proper architecture and configuration to deployment and testing to validate the design and uncover any potential oversights or areas for improvement. The assessments evaluate the effectiveness of security controls utilized in the configuration and deployment of cloud services and identifies what exposures a potential adversary might exploit during a targeted attack. The reviews are intended to give organizations a trusted third-party validation of existing and proposed enterprise initiatives that could result in significant business impact if a breach or disruption were to occur.

TrustedSec uses insight from leading cloud providers, such as those put forth by standard best practices, as well as the deep technical knowledge of TrustedSec’s offensive and defensive teams, which have extensive experience and understanding of cloud computing environments.


TrustedSec identifies exposures and areas for improvement in your cloud environment using a multi-tiered approach:

  • TrustedSec’s Cloud Configuration Review utilizes both manual and automated processes to assess a variety of different security and compliance areas, including security management, threat protection, identity and access management, and information protection in line with the CIS Benchmarks.
  • The Cloud Compliance Review assesses the cloud environment against a specific standard and will dive into controls that are supported by policies and procedures. The goal of this effort is to produce a document that shows the items that are following the standard and those that need to be improved.
  • TrustedSec’s Cloud DevSecOps Governance Model Support includes practices for monitoring, measurement, and management of the program to ensure that security is built into the development lifecycle and team collaboration. Areas such as specific tool guidance, change tracking, managing security debt, resolution assurance, and advice on potential regulatory audits can be reviewed.
  • The Cloud Application Architecture Review ensures there is an appropriate architecture and design of a cloud application by reviewing the components on which the application is built. Starting with the data flows, TrustedSec assesses the access, authentication and authorization, configuration management, recovery model, cryptographic controls, auditing and logging of the application.
  • TrustedSec’s Cloud Application Security Assessment uses a blend of credentialed and uncredentialed testing to identify exposures and deficiencies within the cloud application deployment. TrustedSec uses real-world tactics, techniques, and procedures as well as the OWASP Testing Guide to analyze any type of application, regardless of the language it’s written in.