Proactively Hunt for Cyber Threats

The largest threat organizations face today is the inability to detect various types of attackers as a compromise occurs.

Organizations can no longer solely rely on reactive technologies, as attackers have learned how to bypass these and move stealthily within the environment. To effectively combat these threats, organizations must engage in Threat Hunting, in which they operate under the assumption that they have already been compromised and search out adversaries in their environment.

Threat Hunting is the process of proactively searching an organization for malicious activity that evades existing security solutions. Even though attackers are skilled at bypassing detection devices, their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) still leave traces of their activity. By searching for these traces in the environment, threats that are, or have been, active in the environment will be found.


What you can expect when Threat Hunting

TrustedSec is experienced at Threat Hunting within an organization, having performed this service for many clients in various engagements. With clients, TrustedSec can:

  • Internally develop an organization’s Threat Hunting program
  • Schedule and actively hunt for threats in the network using a formalized and proven process
  • Determine detection, logging, and data collection gaps
  • Create a process of handing off Threat Hunt results to the security operations center (SOC) for scaling and automation
  • Create a customized system of metrics for the client to measure Threat Hunting capabilities
  • Mentor internal Threat Hunting team members