TrustedSec evaluates the configuration of tools and processes, assesses the impact on delivery velocity, and provides insight into the adoption of DevSecOps principles.

Adopting DevSecOps principles allows organizations to increase development velocity and reduce overall time-to-delivery. While these fast-paced and dynamic processes can introduce additional risk, a well-defined strategy and properly configured toolset can result in continuous and layered security throughout the development lifecycle.

devsecops CONFIGURATION REVIEW components

The TrustedSec DevSecOps Configuration Review will cover the following areas to ensure that security best practices are deployed:

  • Design & Development
  • Build & Delivery
  • Application Platform
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Observability
  • Organization

benefits of a devsecops CONFIGURATION REVIEW

TrustedSec’s DevSecOps Configuration Review helps organizations:

  • Identify vulnerabilities earlier in the development lifecycle
  • Decrease the time and cost associated with vulnerability remediation
  • Increase the visibility of the software supply chain
  • Evaluate the impact of security tooling on development velocity
  • Identify additional opportunities for implementing continuous security