Go Beyond Typical Testing

TrustedSec offers a varying depth of Malware Analysis, ranging from Indicator of Compromise (IoC) discovery to full reverse engineering of malware samples and their components.

The TrustedSec analysis process utilizes static, dynamic, and hybrid analyses, local sandboxing, and threat intelligence. Each of these elements provides the analyst with a unique and different perspective on what the malware is doing and what it can do.

But TrustedSec does not stop at the malware itself—we also identify the command and control (C2) servers and other malware samples that are related. We then actively identify what other tools the attackers could be using to compromise the client’s network.

TrustedSec does not submit the samples to online sandboxes. Instead, we utilize in-house analysis systems that are in a controlled environment, which is important, because attackers monitor online sandboxes to see if they have been caught.

TrustedSec provides detailed reports regarding the malware’s functionality, modules, communication, and other capabilities.