TrustedSec’s Opsec Performance Maturity Assessment was created to assist in tactically improving the overall security posture of our valued customers and partners.

Building a mature, fully functioning security program is no easy feat. TrustedSec, with its vast industry experience and depth of subject-matter experts, tailors specific analysis for clients to improve their overall security posture. Assessing the effectiveness of the existing operational process is important in the development of an effective security program.

As with all business areas, people, process, and technology comprise the foundation for proper execution. Measuring and managing tactical performance through these three components provides a foundation on which more specific categories of risk can be identified and improved.

TrustedSec assists in building Operational Performance components such as:

  • Defense-in-Depth Controls
  • Proper tactics within core processes, such as vulnerability management, identity management, threat management, and system development lifecycle management
  • Measures and Metrics to evaluate the program on an on-going basis
  • Detailed actions necessary for success within an operational security program

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Author: Amanda Mates