Pinpoint Weaknesses in Your Company Castle

During physical security assessments, TrustedSec bridges both the physical security components with the technological component to bring a blended approach to attacking physical locations.

Depending on the organization, TrustedSec can perform full attacks on physical locations which include piggy backing, lock picking, impersonation, badge cloning, and multiple other techniques to gain access to a facility. TrustedSec can also perform a physical security assessment that is overt in nature and does not rely on physically attacking the location itself.

With TrustedSec, you can:

  • Simulate a physical break-in varying on sophistication levels to gain access to sensitive areas of a location.
  • Combine the technology aspects and attempt to penetrate the network once inside the organization.
  • Identify key areas of deficiencies within a physical location to determine improvements from preventing loss and breaches.
  • Test education and awareness program to identify if employees recognize patterns of attack such as piggy backing and badge cloning.
  • Improve and strengthen the overall physical security program by identifying direct weaknesses that an attacker can use to gain access to a location.

Physical Assessments include:

Penetration Testing
Attacking a location (or multiple locations) in order to gain unauthorized access to a facility and attempt to identify trophies and objectives. During the assessment, this could include badge cloning, piggy backing, lock picking, camera avoidance, impersonation, surveillance system hacking, and more.

Physical Security Review
A non-attack based walkthrough that focuses on identifying gaps and weaknesses within physical security through overt testing and not through penetration testing scenarios.

Perform bug sweeping and technical surveillance and counter-measures to identify transmitting or listening devices within a physical location. TrustedSec can perform baseline sweeps and RF analysis to determine if bugs are present in physical locations.