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Playbook Development

Build a tailored, go-to guide for handling an incident

TrustedSec helps organizations document steps that analysts and investigators will perform during the hands-on Incident Response process.

Organizations often respond to the same types of incidents over and over again. From malware to phishing to ransomware, oftentimes the attack scenarios are the same. Because of this, analysts and responders tend to perform the same tasks when responding to these events. However, most organizations find that these tasks are based on ad hoc knowledge, not performed consistently, and not documented. The solution to best protect against these types of issues is to create Incident Response Playbooks.

The creation and utilization of Incident Response Playbooks allows analysts to respond to an incident consistently, ensures that correct procedures are followed, and provides an organization with a roadmap to determine where processes can be automated and enhanced to improve critical response time.

A proven process to excel at a critical moment

With their years of experience, TrustedSec’s Incident Response team is able to provide a unique insight into attacks and assist in creating Incident Response Playbooks. This process includes:

  • Determining what common incidents an organization is seeing and reviewing industry research;
  • Interviewing appropriate personnel to find the tools used in current procedures or processes; and
  • Documenting the methods critical for success prescribed with the organization’s input.
“TrustedSec allows me to help make an impact on our clients and help those in need.”
Tyler HudakPractice Lead, Incident Response

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