Ensure that your organization is prepared to respond and recover from ransomware attacks

As ransomware attacks increase in frequency and sophistication, it is imperative for organizations to reduce risk to critical systems and protect sensitive data. Organizations will need to determine what levels of protection are currently in place, review all relevant components of the security program, and determine gaps based on business need to develop a strategic blueprint

A Ransomware Resiliency Assessment is a thorough review of the controls that contribute to an organization’s ability to withstand and overcome a ransomware attack. The purpose of a Ransomware Resiliency Assessment is to ensure, from a business continuity perspective, that the organization is adequately prepared to respond to and recover from an attempted ransomware attack. TrustedSec works with the organization to determine what levels of protection are currently in place and reviews all relevant components of the infrastructure and business.

During the Ransomware Resiliency Assessment, TrustedSec will review:

  • Business needs and requirements
  • Network, security policy, and system & backup architecture
  • External law enforcement relationships

TrustedSec’s goal when conducting a Ransomware Resiliency Assessment is to align security with the organization’s business objectives. TrustedSec will provide the guidance needed to improve the organization’s overarching crisis management process and assist in applying security and architecture controls to the areas where they are most needed to prevent ransomware attacks.

Employing Defensive Validation for Additional Resiliency

Additionally, TrustedSec can look at the techniques used by ransomware groups, and specifically ones that are known to target an organization’s industry and perform adversary simulations using these specific techniques. The simulations will walk through different common ransomware attack chains and test at each point in the attack chain whether the security teams can detect, deter, or deflect the techniques that could lead to a successful ransomware attack.  

For each technique that the security teams are unable to react to, TrustedSec will work with the teams to ensure the proper logs are available to correlate the activity and help build the detection rules in the organization’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform.