Binary Defense is the leading Attack Counterintelligence company in the world.

As the sister company of TrustedSec, Binary Defense partners with your security team to detect and prevent attacks. We are an Advanced Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) providing Intelligent Security Operations Center (SOC) services for:

At Binary Defense, our goal is to be a true extension of your team to give you a better return on your effort.

Founder Dave Kennedy created Binary Defense to solve a global issue: hackers are able to penetrate businesses with traditional security systems easily, quickly, and repeatedly. Our advanced detection, deception, prevention, and response service, called Binary Defense Vision, keeps you armed, current, and adaptable to all next-generation attacks.

When you combine Binary’s Vision Platform and Threat Intelligence with the Binary SOC, you will achieve best-in-class protection—and gain some amazing Binary Defense teammates!

Experience the difference at Binary Defense and their industry-leading Endpoint Detection and Response service.

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David Kennedy

Author: David Kennedy

Security expert, keynote speaker, avid gamer and the go-to for protecting companies from threats.