Turn your Team into Experts

Hire TrustedSec to guide your IT or security team through a crash-course in the latest security strategy and tactics.

Our world-class consultants become a part of your team during a TrustedSec training session. Available to lead seminars on a wide range of topics, TrustedSec will work with your team to customize content and determine how to most effectively help you learn and grow. We conduct trainings on-site or via video conference and can tailor to the size of your organization or team.


Available Training Sessions

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag (CTF) events test employees’ skills in a fun and educational environment. The exercise can be geared toward developers, engineers, red teams, or others. The events feature a series of flag-based challenges simulating a Penetration Test to challenge all skill levels and backgrounds. Teams compete to see who can find the most “flags” in web applications or in network penetration scenarios. Flags are assigned different point values based upon difficulty to obtain and are then logged in a web-based scoreboard to keep track of standings and time remaining. The event can be hosted on-site or remotely with OpenVPN and remote chat support for teams around the world.

Penetration Testing

Whether you’re interested in ensuring your security team has their skills up-to-date or are looking to expose your Blue Team to the latest and greatest attacks and methodologies, our Penetration Testing training sessions can help. These hands-on hacking courses teach methodologies, skills, and tool usage following the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES). Typical sessions vary in length from two (2) to four (4) day sessions.

Security Awareness

Our Security Awareness training sessions are perfect for education and awareness programs that may be in need of a refresher. They showcase the latest and greatest attacks facing organizations today. Whether it be physical security, social engineering, phishing, or general awareness, this non-technical customizable training will act as a reminder to all audiences about what threats exist in the real world. This training varies from half-day to full-day sessions.

Application Security

This training session is geared toward software development teams, including anyone from higher-level managers to technical developers. Higher-level managers will find value in understanding how security awareness covers integration of security into an SDLC as well as threat landscapes. The more technical hands-on training includes web application security topics covering an introduction to application security, a deep dive into the OWASP Top 10, as well as protecting against application flaws. This training uses live demos and student participation to hack systems, reinforcing concepts to learn by doing. Increase the value by pairing this training with a day-long capture the flag (CTF) event. Application Security training is typically conducted over a two (2) to three (3) day span.

Incident Response

This training session is focused on providing security teams with the knowledge to detect, contain, and analyze threats to their networks. Specific areas can be tailored to the individual company, and TrustedSec will work with teams to create a training plan that includes network analysis, disk forensics, memory analysis, Office 365 analysis, and malware analysis. These topics can be taught at a high or detailed level.

Malware Analysis

In this training session, security professionals will learn different techniques to analyze, reverse engineer, and debug malware, create virtualized sandboxed analysis environments, and develop signatures for malware indicator detection. These topics can be taught at a high or detailed level.

First Responder

This training session is geared toward systems administrators and security professionals who will be the first responders on an Information Security scene. The goal of the training will be to provide first responders with the knowledge needed to respond to potential incidents and to determine the severity and potential risk. The first responders will learn the different indicators of compromise (IoCs) of threats, best practices for an initial response, how to properly isolate or capture the systems involved in the threat, and when and who to contact for Incident Response.

Custom Training

We can build courses and exercises around the unique demands of your organization.