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Tabletop Exercises

Realistic intent scenarios to test your team

Prepare for potential cybersecurity incidents

Information Security breaches continue to afflict companies of all sizes and the need to be prepared for a potential cybersecurity incident is more important than ever.

One of the most effective ways to test and maintain an Incident Response program is by using Tabletop Exercises.

Tabletop Exercises present an organization with a realistic incident scenario to which they respond. Participants describe how they would react during the incident, what tools they would use, and what procedures would be followed.

TrustedSec has years of experience running Tabletop Exercises, having worked with many organizations to help design and run the exercises in order to test Incident Response plans and policies and ensure they are working as expected. As part of the exercise, TrustedSec will:

  • Design relevant scenarios for the organization
  • Act as the facilitator and moderator during the scenario
  • Record all actions that occur during the exercise
  • Evaluate the tools, procedures, and processes used to ensure they align with industry best practices

At the end of the exercise, the organization will be able to determine where the positive areas in their Incident Response plans and policies are, which areas have room for improvement, and how they can improve moving forward.

“TrustedSec allows me to help make an impact on our clients and help those in need.”
Tyler HudakPractice Lead, Incident Response

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