A Virtual CISO to Match Your Needs

The Virtual CISO service offering provides experienced Security Program oversight and strategy for an organization, without the need for a dedicated full-time equivalent Security Officer.

The offering is unique and tailored to each client. It is typically structured in one of two ways:

Virtual CISO is for companies that do not have dedicated security staff and want assistance in maturing their organization and reducing risk. TrustedSec would provide a part-time Virtual CISO to provide oversight, implement a strategy to improve defense, and reduce risk through maturing the various security domains.

Virtual CISO+ is for companies that may or may not have dedicated security staff and want deeper expertise to protect business critical data. TrustedSec will run an organization’s IT Security program, implementing a strategy and including bundled services to support the client.


With TrustedSec, you can:

  • Strengthen organizational capabilities
  • Have real-world advanced adversarial tactics
  • Build an enterprise-risk solution to reduce business risk
TrustedSec’s Virtual CISO service uses an Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA) approach as the basis for assessing the maturity of a Security Program and helping organizations advance their maturity. The three pillars are Risk Management, Security Architecture, and Policy and Standards. These pillars are supported through a combination of processes, technical security controls, and metrics to ensure continued improvement and effectiveness. This approach is based on The Security Architecture developed by Gunnar Peterson and focuses on key areas of concern within the business and enterprise, provides framework for design and process, and organizes complexity in the enterprise environment. The result of this approach is the alignment of the security program to the business strategy.
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