With perpetrators ranging from malicious insiders to international hackers, security breaches come in many forms. TrustedSec’s Incident Response team assists clients in determining the WHAT, HOW, and WHEN of a breach, while developing a plan and process to contain and remediate the damage.

At TrustedSec, our greatest asset is our people. We employ the industry’s “top brass” to build Incident Teams made up of Incident Handlers (who determine what happened), Incident Managers (who coordinate the overall Incident Response), and Incident Leads (who act as points-of-contact and interface between Handlers and Managers). These dynamic teams work together to determine the full breadth of what the security event entailed, guide decision-making, remove roadblocks, and employ the tools necessary to accomplish the organization’s goals.

Organizations impacted by security incidents have a trusted partner in TrustedSec to determine the extent of the compromise and create actionable steps to keep damage under control. Whether faced with a disgruntled employee, malicious insider, hackers, a large-scale breach, or if you need assistance as an expert witness for litigation support, TrustedSec helps victim organizations with containment and remediation, ensuring that damage and impact are minimized. TrustedSec can help identify how attackers are accessing your environment, determine how to mitigate the attacker’s access, and help prevent future attacks. We utilize industry accepted and top-of-class hardware and software for performing Incident Response to ensure quick and accurate results. The techniques used by TrustedSec are admissible in a court of law, ensure appropriate chain of custody, and maintain the highest quality standards.

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