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Erin Kennedy

Vice President of Finance

As co-founder and Vice President of Finance, Erin Kennedy stands as the foundational financial backbone of TrustedSec. With an unwavering dedication to steering the company toward financial excellence, Erin commands a team of exceptionally skilled professionals who share her relentless pursuit of fiscal perfection and ensuring a financially sound operating model at TrustedSec.

Erin is one of the brilliant minds behind the organization of DerbyCon, a cybersecurity conference that captivated audiences for an impressive nine-year run. Her contributions were nothing short of pivotal in ensuring DerbyCon's rise and enduring legacy.

With over 12 years of steadfast leadership at TrustedSec, she has not only been an integral part of its financial structure but also played a pivotal role in coordinating, strategizing, and executing the rapid growth that transformed the company from an early startup into an industry powerhouse. Thanks to her unwavering commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, TrustedSec now stands as a thriving entity, employing hundreds of dedicated professionals who continue to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence.

As a highly skilled woman on the executive leadership team, Erin jointly shares the responsibilities of the success of the companies with TrustedSec’s co-founder and husband David Kennedy. Combining her financial talents and ability to build a team, Erin is an integral part of TrustedSec’s past and future successes.


  • Bachelor of Education, Sign Language Interpreting, Kent State University

Co-Founder of DerbyCon

Erin’s passion for the cybersecurity industry was fueled her husband’s passion and talents for helping make the world a safer place with technology. From the start of her career in cybersecurity finance , Erin has been a foundational component in understanding all financial aspects around business and growth while focusing her efforts on building one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies. Erin highly respects the cybersecurity industry and is continuously learning from a brilliant team of top experts in the field.

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