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Paul Sems

Managing Director of Remediation Services

Before joining TrustedSec, Paul Sems excelled at leading organizations in technology and executive leadership roles. He is a lifelong hacker with extensive experience assisting a wide range of organizations in meeting technology and security challenges. 

Paul was the senior executive responsible for IT at Vitamix, a manufacturer and marketer of high-end blending products for both the foodservice industry and the consumer market. While at Vitamix, Paul built a world-class IT organization to support a half-billion dollar global enterprise. He initiated and managed the implementation of multiple business solutions that have been the foundation for significant growth and stability within the organization. Under his leadership, the organization selected, implemented, and supported solutions that proved to be a significant business enabler, supporting the massive growth that Vitamix experienced during his 10-year tenure.

At TrustedSec, Paul built and currently leads the Remediation Services team, which focuses on hardening environments before security incidents happen and helping firms remediate issues after a real or simulated breach. The team is focused on providing pragmatic solutions that improve clients' security postures.

Throughout this career, Paul has held other roles, including business owner, CTO, COO, network engineer, and product development engineer. He received a Master of Business Administration degree from Case Western Reserve University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from The University of Akron. He is an inventor of U.S. Patent US20160220973A1.

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Oklahoma's News 4 - Edmond man receives scary threatening phone call scam

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Defending Backups Against Ransomware

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Blog July 11 2024

dirDevil: Hiding Code and Content Within Folder Structures

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The Dangers of Transition Mode

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