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Phil Rowland

Practice Lead, Remediation Services

Phil started his career in IT over 15 years ago as a software engineer customizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and accounting systems. He then moved into IT operations, focusing on writing custom integrations and automating systems administration. After that, he spent several years in IT technical leadership positions building security practices into IT operations. He eventually brought that security mindedness into a Managed Services Provider (MSP), where he could make a larger impact on the security of SMBs, eventually leading to full-time security consulting work. Phil’s diverse skills range from networking and coding to IT operations and leadership, giving him the holistic view needed to solve the security challenges facing businesses today.


  • ITIL Foundation
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
  • GIAC Network Forensic Analyst (GNFA)


  • ISC2
  • West Michigan Cyber Security Consortium
  • Information Systems Security Association

Phil volunteers as an incident responder for Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps (MiC3)

Phil’s passion for security started during his time with a youth travel organization in which protecting information about children was his top priority. That passion has grown to include all forms of privacy concerns. For personal projects, Phil enjoys playing with detection and attack tools in a home lab and writing open source integration tools.

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Blog May 09 2023

Windows LAPS: Closing a Gap for Cloud-Native Device Management

1 TLDR; Microsoft is releasing an Azure AD integrated, built-in LAPS agent to Windows 10 and Windows 11 that can be controlled by Intune. 1.1   Problem…

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Webinars March 08 2023

Who’s Winning the Red vs. Blue Team Arms Race

Join experts Adam Compton—Principal Penetration Testing Consultant, Phil Rowland—Remediation Practice Lead, and Scott Nusbaum—Principal Advanced Research…

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Webinars July 27 2022

Adding Value to a Traditional Penetration Test

Join leaders from TrustedSec’s Advisory, Remediation, and Incident Response teams as they discuss where many programs go wrong, the consequences, and how to…

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Webinars April 21 2021

Data Loss Prevention in a Remote-Work World

Join Remediation Security Consultants Phil Rowland and Mike Owens for insights on this important but misunderstood Office 365 feature.

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Webinars August 05 2020

Advancing Office 365 Security: Troubleshooting Conditional Access Policies and Gaining Insights into Azure AD

Join Remediation and Optimization Managing Director Paul Sems and Security Consultant Phil Rowland who will walk through some of the challenges, options, and…

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Blog July 21 2020

Azure Automation - Getting Started With Desired State Configurations

Azure brings a lot of new tools and capabilities to the IT and Information Security toolbox. In fact, there are so many features that it can be overwhelming…

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Webinars May 20 2020

Addressing Endpoint Challenges of a (Suddenly) Remote Workforce with Azure

Join TrustedSec Practice Lead Paul Sems and Security Consultant Phil Rowland as they impart their knowledge and experiences converting existing Group Policy to…

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Blog June 18 2024

Tips and Tricks on Creating Your First Conference Talk

Have you ever attended a security conference (or any conference for that matter) and thought about giving a presentation yourself, but don't know where to…

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Blog June 11 2024

Hands On with Chip Off Non-Volatile Memory

1.1 Introduction - Why We're HereWelcome to a deep dive into desoldering Non-Volatile storage chips! At the time of publishing, this is a recreation of my own…

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Blog June 06 2024

Everything You Need to Know About jQuery and its Vulnerabilities

IntroductionJavaScript is used in some way on almost all modern web applications. There are several popular libraries that websites utilize, and each come with…

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